Sometimes people lose many of their teeth due to a variety of circumstances. Often this can be very traumatic to people, leaving them with little self esteem and confidence. One of the ways we can help you is by creating dentures. With proper construction, we can restore an attractive smile, provide some bite function, and support for proper facial contour. 

There are two types of dentures, complete or removable partial dentures. Complete dentures are made of a pink or flesh colored acrylic with natural looking artificial teeth. These are used, when the top, bottom, or both arches are missing teeth completely. If there are some sturdy teeth still in the mouth, the removable partial denture is used. It is a metal base with pink/ flesh colored acrylic and natural looking artificial teeth. The metal framework will clasp onto these sturdy teeth.

Most times, if you need to have teeth extracted, an interim (temporary)
denture is placed for a couple of months while the arches heal. After this allotted time, a definitive (final) denture is made. This allows for the best fit.

In some cases, a patient may want more stability, retention, and bite force with their dentures. This can be provided by the placement of implants and retrofitting the dentures.

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