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Dr. Phil Markham, DDS

Gentle, warm-hearted, and thoughtful – These are ways Dr. Markham is often described. Dr. Markham is recognized as being among one of the most accomplished, caring and skilled dentists in the state of Iowa. In fact, Dr. Markham is the only dentist with 30 years of experience still practicing full-time in Harlan, Iowa.

Dr. Markham’s career began with a Doctorate in Dental Surgery at Creighton University School of Dentistry in 1988. Dr. Markham is a faithful believer in preventive and conservative dentistry. He will create a lifelong dental care plan with you when you come to see him.  For example, he can be seen still caring for 90 year old patients he has known and helped for 30 years, as well as their children, grandchildren, and some great grandchildren.

Once you meet Dr. Markham, it is easy to see why his patients are so loyal. When asked what his secret has been to having a devoted following of patients for so many years, he revealed this: “If you treat people fair, kind, and honestly, all the while providing superior, gentle dental care, people come back. And they bring their children, spouse, and every relative in a 4 county area to you too! That has been my secret. Harlan has been so good to me and my family.” He is diligent in staying current with dental trends and cutting edge procedures, continuing education, and state-of- the-art equipment for himself as well as his team.

Dr. Markham maintains an active role within the community. He has served on a number of boards and is the current Chairman of the Shelby County Board of Health. His wife Amy, and children Andrew and Sara, are the light of his life. Weekends are spent going to the lake, volunteering at their church, or enjoying a relaxing
horseback ride. Dr. Markham is an avid outdoorsman, he enjoys hunting, fishing, boating, skiing and anything that gets him outside, even golf. It has been determined that Dr. Markham must not sleep. It seems he is everywhere all at once (having a twin brother in the same town can make things seem like that)!

Dr. Markham looks forward to welcoming you and being of service.

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